Buyers Should!

The coldest and sometimes most miserable months (February can compete for that title) could also spell a win for buyers who can see homes when the wind is blowing hard, or a heavy snow covers the roof, or even a possibility of some hard rain and sleet. It can tell you a lot about a home. How cold are the rooms further back in the house, does the snow melt immediately off the roof (needs more insulation), do the gutters run over or is the side of the house totally soaked?

Sometimes these can be the best times to see a house because you tend to see it in its worst light. Landscaping no longer distracts. The sun is lower and you can tell what kind of light you will get in the winter. Are the curtains moving from badly-sealed windows letting in the north wind or is it just the furnace? And how loud is that furnace?

And you are not competing with other buyers who want to be moved and ready for August school enrollment and are willing to engage in the multiple offer situations.

Stepping out of the traditional box of “right time to buy” offers other incentives like more committed sellers, less busy inspectors, roofers and other contractors, and your Realtor and mortgage lender are a little less frenzied and time-constrained so transactions tend to be a little more relaxed.

But if the seller has decided to do some tasteful and cheery holiday decorations, don’t let that distract you from what the house looks like in other times of the year.


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