doneperformingOur crew is hosting an art show to support a great local artist (and client) Eric Hansen.

When: Friday August 5th 5:30-8:00pm

Where: Roots Real Estate 220 Willow St. Ste 102 Fort Collins, CO 80524

About Eric’s Work
The work explores themes of life, death, ignorance, obliviousness and excessiveness through narrative depictions of childhood characters. Characters, which have for so long been portrayed as wholesome and moral beings, are now given the opportunity to participate in “less than desirable” activities. Through the use of watercolors, ink and acrylic, I create compositions which describe a playful, and often times, dark atmosphere. I look to develop a dialogue between children and characters and topics of single-mindedness and selfishness. My goal is to manifest a state of satire and irony, calling in to question what I believe to be the current state of “pop culture”.

We’d love for you to Join us. Food and beverages will be provided. Great company and killer art is guaranteed.