NBB – Cyclismo Short Track Races

Cyclismo Youth Foundation

promote, advocate and create youth cycling opportunities in our community

Races for kids start at 4:30 with the youngest ages being first and the heats continue for all skill levels, ending with more advanced riders in the early evening.

Starting May 1 and ending June 12th check out this awesome family event hosted on New Belgium Brewing property. Everyone in the family can get some exercise and have fun at the same time.

Race 1: May 1 https://app.lap.io/event/2018-short-track-new-belgium-1

Race 2: May 8 https://app.lap.io/event/2018-short-track-new-belgium-2

Race 3: May 15 https://app.lap.io/event/2018-short-track-new-belgium-3

Race 4: May 22 https://app.lap.io/event/2018-short-track-new-belgium-4

Race 5: May 29 https://app.lap.io/event/2018-short-track-new-belgium-5

Race 6: June 5th https://app.lap.io/event/2018-short-track-new-belgium-6

Race 7: June 12th https://app.lap.io/event/2018-short-track-new-belgium-7

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