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Do You Have Adequate Insurance?

Is your homeowner’s insurance policy up-to-date and do you have the correct coverage? Home values and construction costs have been rising much faster than both predicted and actual inflation. It is a good idea to periodically (annually) review your homeowner’s

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Colorado Property Taxes & How to Protest

The following information was compiled to help answer general questions about the tax valuation process. Please contact any of our agents if you have questions or need further assistance or you can reply below with your email address, phone number

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Are you confused about your property valuation?

Everyone needs to pay their for share of taxes but no one should pay more than that. Northern Colorado Property Owners, you should have received, or will be receiving, your 2015 Property Valuation in the mail. This value is used

3 Tips to Help Stage Your Home

These are some things to remember when staging your home. They are mostly simple, practical tips, but you’d be surprised by the difference they can make if you haven’t already used them. Declutter, declutter, declutterTake everything out of the house

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Understanding Title Insurance in Colorado

Getting clear “title” to your property is probably one of the most important things you can do and yet often one of the hardest parts of a real estate transaction to understand.  Recently the Colorado Division of Real Estate released